Entry #1

I have no followers here, and I rarely signed in previously; BUT--

2015-08-08 04:49:29 by FlyingSheep

--I've trolled and wandered Newgrounds for 11+ years now. I'm thinking of starting a podcast for my YouTube Channel and will post the mp3s here since it's free and the community gives feedback, even for the little guys with no street cred.

Either way--I'm also known as Sensei Pong. Go check out my YouTube channel while you wait for some podcast material.

I'll probably post my Bedtime Stories here as well in the meantime. The podcast is a work in progress.


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2015-08-08 05:41:29

We await your podcasts eagerly, Sensei.

FlyingSheep responds:

Lol, holy crap--that was FAST, I didn't think somebody would respond. I only posted out of courtesy and the fact that my user name here doesn't match my YouTube account.

Glad to hear it, sir. Thank You.


2015-08-08 05:48:06

There are naive and or bored and or nice people and or assholes from different timezones on the Intranetz. Always remember - you are not alone, Sensei.